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Application of Different Microfiber Towels Cloth in Car Cleaning

  • 80/20 GSM220 short plush

    Used for general purpose cleaning; for non-sensitive surfaces; mainly used for door gaps, interior trims, wheels, exhaust ends.

Short plush, It's not very soft and comfortable with respect to high GSM towels;

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  • 75/25 GSM360 medium plush

    More flexible than 80/20 GSM220 towel; mainly used for waxing, wax removal, degreasing, polishing and upholstery treatment; will not use this quality towel to handle dirty parts.
    This is the most commonly used towel car cleaning towel.microfiber towel (3).png
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    Compared with short-haired towels, the biggest difference is that the peripheral lock coil is also very soft; Edge is divided into microfibre and silk.
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    75/25 GSM600  Mid-Long hair towel

Safe on all surfaces; softer than 75/25 GSM 360 towels. Mainly used for waxing, waxing, degreasing, polishing and interiors; this towel is only used on delicate surfaces. Higher quality and It's more like a pure cotton.


75/25 GSM400 Mid-long plush, Compact soft edges

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70/30 GSM 600 Long plush Microfiber towel
It is safe on all surfaces; the softest towel on the market; mainly used for polishing, drying and upholstery; it will not be treated with a towel of this quality.
Very soft and very thick in hand feeling. His weight can reach 1200gsm. The longest fiber towel on the market.

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Waffle wipes car cleaning cloth 80/20 350GSM
Mainly used for drying and cleaning glass; superabsorbent moisture.
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In terms of water absorbency, cotton waffle wipes and microfiber waffle wipes are not comparable.

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Short fleece gloves 75/25  360GSM
Safely applied on all surfaces; mainly used for cleaning; very absorbent and soft.

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